he cried for a minute or so, and was fine. I feel awful today as my baby fell off the sofa at 3 weeks old! Red Apr 06, 2020. I have been to A & E and all seems well but I feel so guilty and scared that he might be hurt. Subject: baby fell from bed onto hardwood floor, what now? my nine month old fell off the couch about two feet high, face first, onto hard wood floors. He made a "smack" sound when he landed, and he started crying. My baby fell off the bed – what should I do? baby fell off couch onto hardwood floor- lump on forehead? "It happens." It’s even smart to place car seats or bouncy seats on the floor instead of a chair or kinds of elevated furniture that they could potentially fall off of. If the fall is from a height of three feet or more, such as a highchair, countertop, table, or changing table, injuries can occur. Anna fell off of our bed, may have hit the nightstand on her way down, when she was 3-4 months old. Prepare yourself by knowing the warning signs to look out for after your tot takes a tumble. Now the ER doctor is recommending a head scan. he has the hiccups, but is acting normal so far. He landed on all fours and his forehead, we think. Now he is happy and back to normal. Her cry was different, she got cold and clammy, she was limp, couldn’t focus. Our floor is tiled and she was on her tummy and had her head on the side and started crying as I picked her up. Then my second off the bed at about the same. He stopped crying when Mom picked him up. Yep, the first baby fell off the couch at around 4 months. We immediately went to the ER. “As soon as I picked her up, I knew she wasn’t OK. A 6 month old baby boy rolled off the couch onto a wood laminate floor. You can do everything right and still somehow they manage to avoid all your best baby-proofing efforts. His pupils are normal. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The pediatrician told us the same thing both times. It makes you feel awful and you're convinced something must be wrong! I thought the guilt was going to kill me. The most common types of falls are only from one or two feet off of a bed or a couch. he has a purple, golf ball sized lump on his forehead. “My daughter fell backwards from a dining room chair and hit the back of her head on the hardwood floor,” she says. This usually does not cause significant injury, even if the fall is onto a hard floor. By B. It's inevitable that your baby will fall at some point. But babies are spongey and resilient. My 8 month baby fell off from the sofa and hit his head onto the coffee table and landed straight to the floor. 8 month baby fell off from the couch by: first time Mom. He was crying for 2 min. And as hard as it is, try not to multitask. but she was just fine! It's a fact of life that babies fall. Baby fell on tile floor - worried :(( : Feeling so worried and scared right now, had harness bub into one of those baby beanbags and tightened the harness as well, walked away for literally 4 seconds and she had tipped herself over, beanbag and all. Should we expose his brainto a scan? Anonymous: I had to go into work tonight for a function and was taking one quick glance in the mirror when my 8 month old daughter fell from my bed to the hardwood floor. Many parents I know had similar experience but I thought I would be more alert. It is about a 2.5 foot distance. I had a girlfriend whose son fell off her bed onto hard wood floors - and he actually fractured his skull. Went to ER. 1 Like Whenever your baby or toddler takes a serious tumble – from a couch, bed, highchair, crib, or countertop, for example – you'll need to do a thorough check for injuries, especially if he falls on his head or back.

baby fell off couch onto hardwood floor

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