Click for larger view, Cropped EOS 5Dmk3 at iso 400. Click for larger view, Canon EOS 5DSR iso 12800, image with Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. Despite the increased rigidity and strength of the base of the camera, Canon have managed to shed 20g in weight compared to the 5D Mark 3. "Imatest" Imatest is an industry standard testing package for lenses and cameras. I have yet to shoot any night skies with the camera but hope to add my findings in the coming months. The third image is from the same place, same lion, but now at 400mm focal length, and no cropping. Canon EOS 5DSR 50.6MP FULL FRAME DSLR Digital Camera Body. 61-point autofocus with 41 cross-types and 5 double cross-type focus points. Click for larger view, Cropped background EOS 5Dmk3 at iso 400. makes no guarantees of any kind with regard to any programs, files, drivers or any other materials contained on or downloaded from this, or any other, canon software site. The numbers I get come about with lots of continuous AF tracking, constant use of image stabilization and version 2 lenses, as well as a little Live View shooting. I have … Downsized from 1324 to 800 pixels wide. Cropped from 22mp to 1.8mp. Settings 1/250sec at f4.0, iso 3200. I’m aware that you can adapt lenses onto mirrorless cameras, however, they never work as well as they do on their respective native mounts. Whilst a statement like this might have some validity when it comes to cropping, it can also be misleading. Cropped from 18mp to 1.2mp. MAKES NO GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND WITH REGARD TO ANY PROGRAMS, FILES, DRIVERS OR ANY OTHER MATERIALS CONTAINED ON OR DOWNLOADED FROM THIS, OR ANY OTHER, CANON SOFTWARE SITE. The EOS 5DS R is a specialized version and is intended for photographers looking to capture the maximum amount of detail possible, and is best suited for landscape, commercial work, or other specialized types of applications. Show: Refine Search . This is due to the workaround that had to be implemented to tether as the Sony and Fuji APIs do not allow access to files the same way that Canon’s does. Thank you again for a most informative review. Nothing annoy me more than a camera that slows me down when I’m trying to shoot a project. Sort By . But the original was launched in June 2015 and I can only afford it now (close to 3 full years later) so even if they launch the 5DSR MII next year it will take several years before its price drops at a realistic level for me to be able to afford one What would be your advice. Image with EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. Downsized to 800 pixels high. Canon offer a wide range of different DSLR models, allowing you to choose a camera that is suited for your specific needs. For small or distant subjects, cropping depth is similar to a 7D Mark 2. Click for larger view. Printer services do this all the time when they get images smaller than the required output. Canon has officially launched its recommended lenses list for use with the ultra-high resolution EOS 5Ds and 5Ds R DSLR cameras. I’ve never been in a situation when shooting architecture where I wished for an extra stop of dynamic range. Click for larger view. Shutter speed 1/1250sec at f5.0, iso 500. Of course, such a cropped image won’t match up to a properly-framed, vertically composed shot with no cropping, but as a nature photographer I don’t always do things perfectly in the field. Buffer clearing from full is a little faster on the CF card. Cropped from 50mp to 1.2mp. The following lenses are recommended by Canon for getting the best from the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R: Zoom Lenses . At 800 x 533 pixels the only useful info I can display is a 100% crop. Image with EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. Plus points the … But, at the same time, having a 5DSR to shoot together with one of those bodies allows me to extend my capabilities when it comes to image output both in terms of sheer quality, as well as maximum size for large scale viewing/printing. I’m sure there may be some explanation as to why this is the case but that doesn’t really help when it comes to real world use. Sony and Fujifilm have only recently been put on the list and their wireless solutions are mediocre at best. Click for larger view, Canon EOS 5DSR iso 1600, image with Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. I am not a pro and I have the Canon 6D (EV 11.4) and 7DMII (EV 11), and Canon lenses: 70-200 f/2.8 IS II, 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 IS II, 16-35 f/4 IS, and a Tamron 45 f/1.8 IS as you see all my lenses are the fastest f IS versions one can get, and with good resolution ; in general I rarely shoot at 800 or 1600 ISO as I’m conscious of my limited dynamic range (up to 1600 ISO I stay at EV 11) which I do not want to be loosing at high ISOs. Download as PDF Print this page Share this page × Share this page. Some of you may want to mention how this is only because I’m more used to shooting with Canon and that’s not actually true. Of course, if you only had a 200mm lens then the cropped 18 megapixel image would have been a nice option, but it does not compare to using the full sensor. I, like you (I guess), prefer full frame sensors to maximise image quality especially to blow the backrounds out and get the impact of a sharp subject against a non distracting backround eg. Do you have a used Canon camera body that is in good working order, but feel like trying out a new one? My last charge showed the following numbers:  Shots taken 678 – remaining battery capacity 28 percent. I find iso settings up to 800 are usually clean enough to print without me having to do any noise reduction at all in processing. Hi Bob However, if you have a use and a need for the high resolution advantage of the 5DSR, then just get it and enjoy it. The Used Canon 5DSR features a 50.6 megapixel resolution and a low-pass cancellation filter which maximises the sharpness of the camera's sensor. Click for larger view, Cropped EOS 5Dmk3 at iso 12800. On the back of the 5DSR, there is a full set of controls, as you would expect with a high end body. The EOS 5D Mark III features a number of corrective tools to accommodate for the particulars of the lens used. Lenses matter with this camera. I needed to apply noise reduction to the backgrounds usually or low contrast parts of the frame, from iso 3200 upwards. However, the full frame image quality of the 5DSR is very similar to the 5D Mark 3 and 1DX when it comes to colour rendition. Cropped from 50mp to 4.2mp. In particular, I was eager to see just how effectively things like the mirror vibration control, as well as the cameras continuous shooting capability worked, along with a whole host of other improvements. 1.3x and 1.6x cropped shooting modes produce 30.5MP and 19.6MP files. Click for larger view, Cropped EOS 1DX at iso 3200. I just buy my Canon eos 5dsr , and i had for one year also the 6d . Limiting cropping when shooting at high iso settings also strongly improves what the 5DSR can capture. No ratings or reviews yet. This results in a slight increase in fine detail at the risk of moire, and is the first Canon dlsr to be produced this way. Pressing it directly during metering allows me to see directly in the viewfinder which Drive mode I am in, and whether I am in Ai Servo or One Shot focus mode. My opinions that follow are going to appear initially conflicting and probably be misinterpreted by the fanboys, so I’m going to state this upfront: I really, really liked the camera. Image showing the Single AF pt which remains active when the maximum aperture f8 combination of EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii is combined with a Canon EF 1.4x iii Extender. Almost 5 years on and this camera is a little long in the tooth but in my view still the best camera you can buy for this specific type of photography. , Dear Grant, Image with EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. Shop by category. A sharpening amount of 50 was applied to the high contrast edges of the image only, with the background masked from the sharpening by means of the Detail panel. Canon 5DSR, square crop, Canon 35mm f/1.4 L, f/9 at 1/320 at Auto ISO 100, Perfectly Clear V2. But, this is also subjective, and dependant upon what screen I was viewing with :-). The Camranger is a perfect example of this. In use, this autofocus system is one of the best. Most people seem to think that Sony is worse, but I can tell you from extensive experience that Fujifilm has by far the worst, most terrible menu system that I’ve ever used. Almost nothing makes sense in a Fuji camera’s menus and it’s such a pain to shoot with them. Get creative with your Canon CP1300 Selphy photo printer. Depending on your own preferences it is likely that you may be able to configure the camera to suit your own needs better than the older model. Cropped from 22mp to 1.8mp. Canon 5DSR, square crop, Canon 35mm f/1.4 L, f/9 at 1/320 at Auto ISO 100, Perfectly Clear V2. Click for larger view, Canon EOS 5DSR iso 800, image with Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. Grant: I have used this camera mostly with the EF 17-40L f4, EF 24-70L f4 IS, EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii and EF 500L f4 IS ii. Downsized from 1324 to 800 pixels wide. It has a higher resolution sensor, better dynamic range, better video features, better autofocus, I mean it’s just an incredible camera. Some images are cropped for comparison and to allow finer inspection of image quality. Evaluating image quality and comparing it, between cameras that have different pixel pitch, is a source of confusion to many. I am confident in the accuracy of the outermost ring of AF points when my subjects are static or slow-moving, like this elephant. These print sizes are calculated at 300 dpi (dots per inch), which many folk feel is maximal for quality. (Canon 5DS, 50mm/1.8 STM, f/3.5 at 1/60 at ISO 100.) At the time of writing, I have not managed to scratch or break any of my Canon lcd screens and my cameras get hundreds of days of use in a year. I typically end up shooting when light levels are low, because many of the wild subjects that I follow are moving at those times. Canon released two new full frame cameras, the 5DS and 5DSR, in the last half of 2015. When Canon released the 5dsr years ago they put out a list of lenses they recommended for it, it was a pretty good size list and all the ones I used did great. There is a fair amount of information surrounding the 5dSR online that could be misleading. Find a retailer; EOS 5DsR; Find a retailer; All Cameras ; DSLR; Beginner. Click to view larger. Cropped from 18mp to 1.5mp. Canon 5DSR and EF 500L f4 IS ii. Image with EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. It can also work when the subject is moving slowly and predictably. My overall feeling on this camera’s image quality is that it can really make beautiful, wildlife images that are filled with detail. DRO and Auto Lighting Optimiser were disabled and I used a sturdy tripod and mirror-lockup on … Click for larger view, Cropped EOS 1DX at iso 6400. 1 items. An example of my own 5DSR setup preference is the M.Fn button. Click for larger view, Canon EOS 5DSR iso 400, image with Canon EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. The camera is not only quieter, but has its mirror mechanism re-engineered using cams instead of springs, which reduces shock coming from the mirror when shooting. These will be my closing thoughts on the Canon 5DSR, first reviewed here. Canon have the best overall system for architectural photography because the 5DSR is easy to use and the lenses are the best on the market. The 5DSR can also make use of its superior 150K pixel metering system, to aid with tracking when using the AF system with more than one AF point, and has an advantage over the 5D Mark 3 in this, which has less sophisticated metering. Cheetah, Mara, Kenya. Once you start seeing the images it makes, you kind of want to take all your pictures with the 5DSR. A row of  five buttons run down the left side of the 3.2 inch LCD screen, for Picture control/HDR access, Rate, Magnify, Playback and lastly Delete. I did not test the 5DSR yet with an SD card faster than 95 Mb/sec. How much of a difference in keeper rate is a bit hard to measure, as there are so many variables. The camera has a deep grip which is deceptively large, and may be a bit of a stretch for users with very small hands. Although their 50 megapixel sensors grabbed the headlines, I was equally interested in the numerous other updates and advances that were part of the feature set. Chromatic aberration can be corrected at the time of shooting with the 5D Mark III's Chromatic Aberration Correction tool. Image with EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. I’m aware some of you may want to point out the Sony options or Fujifilm medium format cameras, but, nothing comes close to how good the Canon 5DS R is. I like to work at the pace that I set, not what my tools limit me to and the 5DS R keeps up every time. F. Fischer EOS M6 Mark II. Free shipping on many items. Cropped from 18mp to 1.5mp. Pixel-level comparison with the 7D Mark 2 reveals sharper details, a little less luminance noise, and better micro contrast. It also has Canon’s autofocus Cases, which are a number of presets that allow you to fine-tune how your autofocus performs for specific scenarios. Skip to main content. Canon EOS 5DsR Digital SLR Camera. Cropped from 22mp to 1.8mp. Allow me to explain why. Canon 5DSR and EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. I fitted both cameras with the same Sigma ART 50mm f1.4 lens set to f8 and focused in Live View. It follows that the individual pixels on the 5DSR are much smaller, and they are. The AF array is the same as the one found in the Canon 1DX, and the 5D Mark 3. Canon 5DSR and EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. It is quieter than the 5D Mark 3. Downsized to 800 pixels high. Cropped from 18mp to 1.5mp. In some kinds of outdoor use, image quality of cameras with small pixels are also more likely to be affected by camera shake or motion blur than cameras with large pixels. To compare noise levels under real-life conditions, I shot this scene with the Sony Alpha A7r Mark II and Canon EOS 5DSr at each of their ISO values. Image with EF 100-400L f4.5-5.6 IS ii. I know that quite a few landscape photographers use this camera for its high-resolution images and I have heard of other wildlife shooters adopting it as well, particularly where they have concentrated on wildlife portraits as opposed to action shots. But it can and does still function well for handheld use, with a little care taken. A key feature of this camera is its sensor. Cropped to 2.2 megapixels then downsized to 800 pixels long side for web. Canon Photo Companion Canon Photo Companion Canon Photo Companion. Cropped from 18mp to 1.5mp. This is straightforward to work out and could be called the native print size. Click for larger view. Handling: Coming from the 5DII/5DIII you will find this camera body very familiar – all the way down to the battery. Canon EOS 5DSR 50.6MP 28-80/75-200/50mm Lens Set [Exc+++] w/8GB SD,Strap [46] $2,799.99 [Mint] Canon EOS 5Ds Digital Camera Tested From Japan + Free Shipping #14013

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