1 provider of sparkling beverages, juices and juice drinks and ready-to-drink teas and coffee. Diet Pepsi is a no-calorie carbonated cola soft drink produced by PepsiCo, introduced in 1964 as a variant of Pepsi with no sugar. Daily, Coke sells 1.9 billion beverage products all over the world. As part of the advertising campaign the first shipment of Diet Coke with Lime was delivered from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to New York City, New York on Delta's Song Airline. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Diet Coke was introduced in 1982 and extended the company trademark. Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Light is a sugar-free and no-calorie soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company.It contains artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.Unveiled on July 8, 1982, [1] and introduced in the United States on August 9, [2] it was the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola trademark. 1986 – Diet Cherry Coke is introduced in American markets. File:Coca-Cola light logo.png. Jan 7, 2019 - Explore Kimberly Beschorner's board "Diet Coke", followed by 200 people on Pinterest. Goizueta became the chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company in 1961. Diet Rite had been its star performer, the one advantage it had over Coke and Pepsi. . /* 234x60, created 30/04/11 */ Coke only moved away from its traditional script font between 1985 to 1987. google_ad_width = 234; Some noticeable changes include the "Diet" script being much smaller, "Diet" and "Coke" using a singular color instead of two tones, the "k" and "e" in "Coke" no longer connecting, and serifs removed from the "k". Coca-Cola introduced diet Coke in the U.S. on this day in 1982, and made soft-drink history in doing so. google_ad_slot = "6121998864"; Coke was so popular that the company introduced a second drink. In 1978 Coca-Cola became the only company allowed to sell cold packaged beverages in the People’s Republic of China.In 1982 the company introduced its low-calorie sugar-free soft drink Diet Coke (originally named Diet Coca-Cola). Jun 3, 2018 - Explore carie ferrell's board "Coke Logos", followed by 1243 people on Pinterest. The latest iteration of the Coca-Cola logo design aims to highlight that all flavours are part of the Coca-Cola family. Coca-Cola Light logo. See more ideas about Diet coke, Coke, Coke cola. 1982 – Diet Coke is introduced, becoming the largest-selling low-calorie soft drink in America. At the end of 1984, Diet Coke displaced 7UP as the No. ", The new branding was introduced in 2015, under the "one brand" strategy. The product quickly overtook the company's existing diet cola, Tab, in sales. Unveiled on July 8, 1982, and introduced in the United States on August 9, it was the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola trademark. Coca-Cola brings people joy.

diet coke logo history

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