Since the terminus of the glacier is now much steeper than before, the danger posed by falling ice is considerably higher. Glacier mass balance During my previous visits, I was able to make my way to the terminus of the glacier to see it from below without getting my feet wet. Outwash plain from Edge of Glacier Autumn in Alaska: Part 4 of 9: The Exit Glacier area is the only part of the park accessible by road. 6 1 Exit Glacier, Alaska. Thank you for giving us your wonderful world of pictures and words which brought me great joy. 9. var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3820952-1"); Looking in the opposite direction revealed the deep gorge uncovered by Exit Glacier over the last decade, which nowadays is the only route that takes you closer. Repeat Photography This mapping effort allows us to document the changes to the length and width of the terminus that we observe seasonally and annually. The short hike up to the glacier’s terminus is lined with signs denoting where the glacier was during that time period. Although one of the Harding Icefield's smaller glaciers, because of its easy accessibility and abundant hiking trails around and above the glacier, the Exit Glacier is one of t… The Exit Glacier is especially notable for being a drive up glacier (similar to the Mendenhall Glacier of Juneau). The walk is getting longer as the glacier is retreating, but in 2016, it was only about a mile each way. In 2004-5, USGS scientist Bruce Molina revisited those sites, matching the current images to the historic. A trend of negative balances indicates that a glacier will get smaller in size and a positive trend indicates growth in glacier mass. Learn a little more about the park by participating in a ranger-led program, which occur daily during the summer.. glacier terminus. DSC_0979-001. Kenai Fjords National Park was established in 1980 with the specific goals of maintaining the scenic beauty and environmental integrity of the Harding Icefield and its glaciers and fjords. Sognefjellet. 4 Resource managers at Kenai Fjords are continuing this monitoring effort to record changes in the glaciers, snow line, and vegetation. Although it is one of the Harding Icefield's smaller glaciers, it is one of the most visited because of its easy accessibility and abundant hiking trails around and above the glacier. pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview(); QT Luong's updates and thoughts on photography, travel and nature, Posted on February 12, 2017, 9:20 pm, by QT Luong, under, A day on and under the ice, Wrangell-St Elias National Park. | Jumbled blue ice of Bergset Breen. However 2016 was a 'banner year' with the glacier seeing a 216 foot reduction in that year alone. by johnb.essay09. Powered by The road, commonly referred to as “Exit Glacier Road” directs traffic to the Exit Glacier Nature Center and a short trail that leads to the terminus of Exit Glacier—a fascinating spectacle of flowing ice. DSC_0998-001. | Today, Kenai Fjords staff map the terminus each fall with a GPS unit. I last visited Exit Glacier in the fall of 2016. This moderately … The terminus of Exit Glacier can be accessed on foot and by car. I am holding onto the details from visiting Exit Glacier, knowing that seeing it now is a privilege. There is much less room in the gorge, and the stream is flowing right at the edge of the gorge’s wall. Glacier monitoring projects allow scientists and managers to understand the condition of the icefield and glaciers through time. Even in knee-depth water, the force of the flow worried me. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the same picture taken decades, or even a century, apart is priceless when it comes to detecting landscape change. 8 The National Park Service has five ongoing monitoring projects in Kenai Fjords National Park that help us to understand and document changes to the Harding Icefield. The term includes all sediment that is transported by a glacier, whether it is deposited directly by a glacier or indirectly by running water that originates from a glacier. Exit Glacier is one of the most easily accessed glaciers in Alaska. document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); | A system of hiking trails lead to the terminusof the glacier and up to the Harding Icefield itself. Changes in weather, wildlife, and vegetation patterns around the world have been documented by numerous scientific studies. by johnb.essay09. A spur road of the Seward Highway takes visitors to the only road accessible portion of the Kenai Fjords National Park and a number of hiking trails that take visitors to the terminusof the glacier or even up to the Harding Icefield itself. 2 Glacier extent mapping. We stood where the glacier lay in 2005, its retreating terminus now in the distance. Dotted lines represent pre-1950 positions based on moraine dated (Cusick 2001). The National Park Service does not recommend hiking to the toe of the glacier because of unpredictable conditions in the area below the glacier: Although I was expecting to see changes, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got to the end of the trail. Exit Glacier AR Terminus Project. It was enclosed by fence lines to prevent visitors from continuing further since the terrain beyond is a closed area, as it was too steep to be safe. It’s shocking to see where the ice had been just a decade ago when staring at the massive glacier face. Exit Glacier Terminus Positions compiled by NPS. New National Monuments Book – Help Me Choose Title! This is a list of glaciers existing in the United States, currently or in recent centuries. “Retreat of Exit Glacier from 1815 Little Ice Age maximum to September 2015. Exit Glacier, August 31, 2016. Exit Glacier, one of 35 glaciers that are spawned by the enormous Harding Icefield, is … The contrast is shocking. I immediately wanted to get closer. Although there are no signs nor fences there, I stayed at a respectful distance from the terminus. Thank you for sharing your outstanding skills and braveness. Repeat photography The glacial stream meandered lazily on the glacial plain. It didn’t take long for the glacier to change. Time-lapse photography Exit Glacier Jul09.JPG 3,648 × 2,736; 3.1 MB FMIB 34705 Reid Glacier, from the Northeast, June 12, 1899.jpeg 1,035 × 506; 246 KB FMIB 34723 Turner Glacier in 1899.jpeg 964 × 371; 55 KB Since the park was established, evidence of global climate change has been brought to the forefront of science. If water levels are low, you can make your way to Exit Glacier’s terminus, but don’t approach the glacier in places where the ice is over your head – huge, heavy chunks of ice fall off without warning. Bonanza Springs – Car troubles in the desert, Treasured Lands wins Three Photography Awards, Paddling the White Cliffs of the Upper Missouri River, Crossing the Missouri River by ferry in the middle of nowhere, Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument’s accessible spot, Two photographs: dull light v. dramatic light on the grasslands, A Backpacking trip into the Arrigetch Peaks, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Turquoise Lake to Twin Lakes Backpacking Trip, The nuts and bolts of making a photo book: reviewing the Treasured Lands printing, Photographer’s Guide to Havasu Canyon – Now and Then. In 2006, the glacier had retreated much further, but the terminus still ended on the plain, with a final slope that was gentle enough to make approaching the wall of ice safe. Image ID: 19109 Location: Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, USA Pano dimensions: 4068 x 14964 Panorama of Exit Glacier, the terminus of the glacier. Researchers at the NPS Southwest Alaska Network of the Inventory and Monitoring program use remote sensing to map glacial extent on a decadal scale. Map of Exit Glacier terminus positions, 1815-2015. Exit Glacier Terminus Mapping Historic positions of the Exit Glacier terminus have been mapped using existing aerial photography. The glacial retreat had clearly been accelerating. 5 "); 3 Terminus Repeat photo #2 (Emily Baker / NPS) In recent weeks, the transformation has unfolded day to day, she said. Researchers at Kenai Fjords National Park work together with university researchers and scientists from other government agencies to understand this environment, to monitor changes, and to determine the impacts of those changes on other ecosystems in Kenai Fjords National Park. The nature center includes exhibits about the Exit Glacier area, an Alaska Geographic bookstore, and rangers to help answer questions about the area.. Operating hours of the nature center.. Water flowed out of the glacier from underneath an intriguing free-standing ice arch, and carried out icebergs. Glacier Extent Mapping : "http://www. Dashed lines represent positions digitized from aerial photos. Exit Glacier (GC2BB5H) was created by Waterweasel and Tygress on 7/6/2010. Geometric changes resulting from a negative balance include thinning and increased rates of terminus retreat. At Exit Glacier, a major Alaska tourism attraction, the terminus retreated 187 feet in the past year, according to measurements taken last month. Because of infirmities and age I will never see these wonders in person. In the early 1900s, U. S. Grant and D. F. Higgins of the USGS photographed many of the tidewater glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park. Clicking a topic will bring you further down this webpage to that topic. I first visited Exit Glacier in 2000 when it was indeed possible to walk right to the edge of the ice. Exit Glacier is a glacier derived from the Harding Icefield in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska. Exit Glacier is receding at an average rate of 125 feet a year. As the ice from Exit Glacier continues to retreat, visitors continue to need to hike farther from the trailhead to see the current terminus of the glacier. Exit Glacier, Toe of the Glacier route, 2000. With this information, we can better understand and manage the park for today and the future. If a block of ice was to detach itself further high, it could roll down quite a ways. The approach road and trail are punctuated with signs that indicate the position of the glacier terminus over the years. Glacier Mass Balance Standing there, I was separated from the glacier by a distance of hundreds of yards. Along the road and the trail leading right to the toe of the glacier are year markers showing how far down the river valley the white tongue used to reach. Buar Breen Glacier. Exit Glacier Terminus Mapping NPS Photo/ A Collins. Geologist Bruce Molnia documents a century of change in the glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park. To come closer to the ice, I had to cross the glacial streams several times, the first one being right where the maintained trail exits the woods. The Exit Glacier AR Terminus Project is going to digitally recreate several of the former termini at Exit Glacier as 3D models and create a unique augmented reality application which they will be viewable in. Exit Glacier terminus mapping This is a companion piece with "Listening to the Ice" (see above). Daily repeat photography can be used to document smaller scaled changes such as those that occur within a season, a week, or even a day. The advancement or retreat of a glacier’s terminus depends on the snowfall that melts down or flows from its catchment basin. The free standing arch that intrigued me the day before had already collapsed the next day! Map of Exit Glacier terminus positions, 1815-2015. Last updated May 13, 2014. Exit glacier terminus May 1990 1. by photosarchive. I immediately wanted to get closer. The terminus of Exit Glacier and its meltwater stream . This mapping effort allows us to document the changes to the length and width of the terminus that we observe seasonally and annually. It is one of thirty-five glaciers located in the Icefield and is one of the most visited glaciers in Alaska due to its accessibility from the road. Measurements made with the centerline method are shown in red, and box method in blue. If compared to a bank account, it is the balance of deposits and withdrawals. As you can guess, the water was ice-cold. The southernmost named glacier among them is the Lilliput Glacier in Tulare County, east of the Central Valley of California. It's located in Alaska, United States. Exit Glacier terminus, Sept 10, 2016. Buar Breen and runoff. It features one image per day from July 14 through September 19, 2010. Exit Glacier Picture. | Dashed lines represent positions digitized from aerial photos. Exit Glacier, Edge of the Glacier Trail, 2006. by johnb.essay09. Located in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, Exit Glacier is one of 38 interconnected valley glaciers in the Harding Icefield, the largest ice field contained completely within the United States. Here you can explore the trails, walk very close to an active glacier, or take a ranger-led walk. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Drift- all types of sediment deposited by a glacier, regardless of the size or amount of sorting. By viewing these photos in a rapid, time-ordered sequence, they appear like a video. by johnb.essay09. marking Exit Glacier’s terminus in past years as you walk through the forest that has sprung up in the wake of the glacier. noticed that the ice would have been too far to photograph the reflexion. It's a Not chosen size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 2. Today, Kenai Fjords staff map the terminus each fall with a GPS unit. The retreat has accelerated to 27 ft/yr (44.5 m/yr) from 2011 to 2015 from 18 ft/yr (29.4 m/yr) during the 5-year prior period [200 Years of Terminus Retreat at Exit Glacier]. Edge of the Glacier Outwash Plain to the Toe Glacier View You Are Here Edge of the Glacier Toe of the Glacier Glacier View Nature Center Harding Icefield Trail OUTWASH PLAIN A one-mile accessible loop leads Changes in mass balance dictate long-term changes in a glacier's behavior. Glacier mass balance is the difference between the accumulation of snow and ice during the winter and the ablation or loss of snow and ice through melting and sublimation in the summer. Time-Lapse Photography Signs along the trail that tours up to the toe mark the terminus point at various years.

exit glacier terminus

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