Wikipedia defines Felt as “a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. Next, the piece is manipulated with your hands, gently at first with gradually increasing pressure and agitation. Washable wools such as those labeled "superwash" will not felt. One or more needles are repeatedly pushed through wool and back out again. I use Lamb's Pride which is 85% wool and 15% mohair which gives it a real soft look. Thanks for posting question is can you felt an already purchased knitted blanket? Shop the range of needle felting wool at Hobbycraft! You can do this by hand with a single needle, or with a tool using multiple needles. For felting projects that require 'worsted weight' yarn, you can either use Marks & Kattens Eco Wool 10ply or you could combine two strands of Marks & Kattens Eco Wool 5ply. I did find a few great basic tutorials.This video shows you how to make a needle felted sheep.Here’s a great tutorial on How to Needle Felt a Penguin This tutorial shows you how to Make a Miniature Needle Felted DogThis is a very good article on How to Needle Felt which outlines 3 different techniques. If, however you only want to make a few, smaller pieces of felt, Bubble Wrap will be sufficient. 509-536-7746 Wool Felting Yarn-8.82oz Needle Felting Wool, Felting Yarn, Soft Wool Roving Yarn with Box, Ideal for Needle Felting Spinning Weaving DIY Craft 4.8 out of 5 stars 15 £14.49 £ 14 . How to Felt Yarn. Yarn, roving, silk sliver or other felt can be needle felted onto other pieces as decoration.This technique works great for making scarves, decorating pillow cases, wallhangings or purses.Here is a video which shows you how to make Needle Felted Embellishments. There are two different techniques for creating the lattice felt:1. (and any yarn that states Superwash on the label, it is made to resist felting) For felting to work, the piece must be made from either 100% wool yarn or yarn that contains a high amount of wool. Available in a range of knitting yarns and a wide range of solid, heathered and hand-dyed colors include felting yarn and felting wool yarn or wool felting yarn. This has been processed and will not felt. Have you ever accidentally shrunk a wool sweater by sticking it in the washer and dryer? We asked our fellow alpaca breeders how they used the wool surprisingly, most of them did absolutely nothing with their fiber. When I first began felt making, I used an old vinegar bottle with holes punched in the cap. Needle felted soft sculptures seem to be all the rage these days! This worked just fine for a while but getting the flow of water right can be a bit tricky. You can do this with raw wool fiber, washed fiber, carded batts, or processed wool roving and sliver. Blended fibers are also common”, Check out How to Needle Felt for Beginners. I wish you success with your future boiled wool projects. I did a sample felting in the washer but only felted a little bit. How do you know if the yarn you are holding in your hand is the RIGHT yarn for your felting yarn project? To felt things, you need to have 100% wool yarn, or it will not felt. So I started searching online as to what I could do and realized they hadn’t felted prior to making these. There are several ways of accomplishing this so lets dive right in! This method of producing boiled wool projects is quick and easy. However, they don’t felt exactly the same way. These needles are super sharp and can be dangerous. alpaca felt is ideal for people,especially children who are allergic to wool. Most will say if they are for felting or not. You can use fibers that are synthetic or natural. Put your knitting or crochet into the washing machine. Your final felted fabric will be much smaller than the original layout of wool. Sources of wool other than online ordering:Fiber and Wool Festivals are usually fun gatherings of many fiber producers and vendors.Wool Festivals give you the advantage of meeting and talking with the farmers or fiber producers to find out about their animals and the wool.You can see and touch a large variety of fibers from angora to alpaca to buffalo and yak wool. We carry a variety of felting wool, kits, and tools for all your felting needs. Nuno is the perfect technique for making very flowy and lightweight wool shawls, scarves or even curtains.Here is my tutorial on the Nuno Felting Method, Cobweb is also a flat technique. Needle Felting With Balls of Yarn: When I got my first needle felting kit I really enjoyed it, but once I finished it I didn't really have the space or the money to buy supplies for a whole new craft and … Therefore, I would recommend weaving with both a felt yarn weft and warp, or a felt yarn weft and a natural warp, such as cotton or wool. With Needle Felting, you use special, barbed needles to tangle the fibers together until they form a matted piece of wool. Currency: GBP ... 100% Wool. There are also very large machines which create felt using hundreds or even thousands of needles. The second method is a little more challenging since you have to work the individual strands.Learn How to Make Lattice Felt, 3 Dimensional means any wool felted piece that is not flat such as a bowl, hat or slippers. Felting is considered the oldest of all the textile or fiber arts and is still employed for making yurts, clothing and rugs. If you look at a single hair from a sheep under a microscope, you’ll notice that it is not smooth. Plus, you usually have the option of purchasing an entire fleece or just small amounts.Local Yarn Shops are fun places to browse and usually carry felting supplies. When the Resist is removed, there will be two separate layers of felt. Felting yarn is not too strong, so it can not hold too much pressure as a cotton or synthetic yarn usually can. Jupean 3.53oz Wool Roving Yarn, Fiber Roving Wool Top, Wool Felting Supplies, 100% Pure Wool, Chunky Yarn, Spinning Wool Roving for Needle Felting Wet Felting DIY … Larger needles are good when you need to make a bigger piece or you are using coarser fiber. The main characteristic of felting yarn is its high insulating ability after felting, making it a great material to keep you warm. What is Dry or Needle Felting:  This involves using special barbed needles to basically weave the individual fibers together until they form a matted piece of fabric. Felting is used on finished crochet and knit pieces to help blend the stitches together to form a piece of material with a texture much like felt. Basically, it is the process of turning loose wool locks or wool roving into a piece of fabric by connecting the individual fibers. Wonderful information and I'm looking forward to following you. Just be aware though, that sponges are not as firm as felting mats so you may want to lay something tougher underneath. Paradise Fibers, Inc. 225 W. Indiana. Morning, Megan! Contact. They will leave holes in your finished felt. Your email address will not be published. Felting Wool for Felting. Order wool roving in bulk and save! What is the Process of Felting?. You will need a sprinkler of some sort to wet your wool fiber. Updated: Jul 14, 2020 by Annette Browning. They also carry a line of Feltable Yarns.This Complete Kit includes everything you need to get started! The only variable is how many different layers you use to achieve the desired thickness.Check out my tutorial for Basic Felting. 2. Wool fiber covered with small scales, or barbs. Trimits Natural Wool Roving - 10g. Consequently, we very quickly realized that something had to be done with all of this fiber!, Hej I would love to know how to crochet a pair of felt slippers and how to wash them +. Thanks so much, thank you for giving me wonderful information. Hope that helps! I’ve also seen hats felted over balloons.It’s also possible to create 3D pieces using a Resist (next section).Here’s how I created Wet Felted Easter Eggs. What is Felting Foam? DROPS Polaris/ Excellent for felting!/ Wool yarn, knitting yarn, felting yarn Threadandyarncrafts. Sharon. I really want to make the flowers from scratch myself using only natural fibres. There are a variety of machines available from smaller, hand held models to larger tabletop felting machines type models.Larger felting machines or looms utilize hundreds or even thousands of needles to produce very large pieces of felted fabric.CAUTION: This is NOT a suitable activity for children. Lesson learned “never trust a picture online”. Felting is a fabulous, funky way to transform a knit or crochet piece into something completely different. Hot water causes those scales to open up. Wet Felting is the process of using water, soap and some form of agitation to cause the fibers to open up and then bind together. Feel free to have a look around … in addition to my fiber art, I also share knit and crochet patterns, home crafts, DIY, beauty recipes, and much more. Natural wool is better for felting, see the guide to wools that are better for felting below. I hope you give this fun fiber art a try!Enjoy!AnnetteFiberArtsy, Basic FeltingNuno TechniqueCobweb FeltingLattice Method3D or ResistFelted Dryer BallsWet Felted Easter EggsSoap FeltingHow to Needle Felt (for Beginners)DIY Wool Dryer Balls with Needle Felt Designs. She shares her love of dyeing, felting, crochet and knitting as well as other craft projects. Copyright © 2020 on the Brunch Pro Theme, DIY Wool Dryer Balls with Needle Felt Designs. Some people prefer to use Mat Brushes. Rico Felting Wool - 50g. Just make sure if you are knitting something like this to make it much longer than you want your bag because the length of your item shrinks so much more than the width. This process also works for felting previously knitted, crocheted or woven items such as wool sweaters. The Resist Felting Process uses a barrier of some sort to keep certain areas from bonding together. They usually have dyes which can discolor your wool. To check this, look at the yarn wrapper. Fiber Content 100% Wool, Maroon, Brand Ice Yarns, Yarn Thickness 5 Bulky Chunky, Craft, Rug, fnt2-58885 This can be done by hand with a single or multiple needles or it can be done by machine. Wool can be transformed into felt using the techniques of needle felting and wet felting. Felting Wool. Felting works best when using 100% wool as it has fibers that will bind together, unlike acrylic yarn. The world of yarn is simply huge! Keep it up. The basic method is used for making a flat piece of felt fabric. The needles are repeatedly pushed through layers of wool. For small pieces, you can simply use one needle or a pen style felting tool, which holds 3 needles. For my larger pieces, I bought an inexpensive Garden Sprayer. We have an ever-growing selection of dyed and undyed yarns which you can unwind to! Then you apply water and soap and work it into the wool. Oh, and if you are a Knit and Crochet Pattern Designer, please Submit Your Free Patterns. You can do this with raw wool fiber, washed fiber, carded batts, or processed wool roving and sliver.. Well, you can actually do that on purpose, too! With a range of colours available, felting wool and yarn is perfect for many craft projects; including making felt flowers, brooches, beads and even pom poms! Some felters swear by this Olive Oil Soap because it works really well and it keeps your skin from drying out. Do you remember the sheets of brightly colored felt fabric that you used in kindergarten? This can be in any form such as raw wool, washed raw wool, roving or carded fiber and locks as well as yarn.This is my favorite roving, perfect for super soft scarves and shawls.For beginning felters, Knit Picks has affordable roving in white or multi colors. 1.Knit or crochet your item of choice. So, if this is a concern, be sure to look for yarn that is made from Merino wool instead, this type of wool does not cause itchiness or allergies. Bonus … it’s always good to support small businesses. Also, sponges are not as durable and won’t last as long as a mat, but for a beginner, they will work just fine. No, I wanted to turn that fiber into something wonderful. From £3.59. I've done knitted totes and a couple of pairs of slippers. Felting will not work unless the yarn you use is made with 100-percent animal fiber, and has not been treated to make it washable. Stay away from any colored soaps, though. Favorite Add to More colors Merino Wool Roving - 4oz - 22.5 Micron, 18 Neutral colors available mohairandmore. Regards Megan. The very basic steps you use for the different wet felting methods are the same. Often, this is can be a sheet of heavy plastic. Finer needles are useful for smaller projects or more detailed felted sculptures or embellishments. From shop ShepsWool. These are adorable Ah, now. Felting yarn is a wonderful way to add some playfulness to your next knitting or crocheting project. The Resist is placed between layers of wool which are then felted. Felting. They all serve the same basic purpose. Nuno Felt Making is a relatively new technique developed by fiber artist, Polly Stirling around 1992.The main difference with Nuno is that an open weave fabric is incorporated into the felt. Be sure to check out our fiber and roving selections as well! Wool: This yarn fibre is very popular because of its warmth and durability. Wool Warehouse. What the heck was I going to do with it all?? For bigger projects, you will want a larger tool which uses 5 or more needles. The steps for basic felt making are the same as described above. Thx for the post! I did not like the idea that this wonderful natural material would go to waste. Also a fun way to introduce children to wool. There you have it … everything you need to know to get started with this wonderful craft. What is Felting? Any of these fibers will work just fine. Here are over 20 ways to turn an old sweater into unique keepsakes, gifts, and toys. Use needles that are 2 to 3 sizes larger than recommended to create the open spaces necessary for felting knit fabric. So, after a lot of research, I discovered the world of sheep wool. It’s easy and quick to do and requires very little supplies. We ended up with bags and bags of lovely alpaca wool fiber every year. Well, little did I know that alpacas grow a lot of fiber in just one year and since they are very heat sensitive, we had to shear them every Spring. There are many different opinions about which soap is best to use. From £1.29. However, the yarn I was using in the video above was actually superwash merino wool, so felting just the ends with agitation is possible. I just got into felting and it is so much fun. Cast on 25 sts. Here in Kentucky, the water is very hard so rinsing is not as much of an issue for me. Some of these little felted sculptures look almost life like.Personally, I have not attempted to make animals or sculptures but that is definitely on my to do list. I've been felting for about 3 years now and had I found you I may have saved myself a lot of frustration. Felting a piece of fabric and then cutting out the “negative” areas, leaving the lattice work.2. I know so many people that are doing it already. Normally, I use clear liquid dish soap and/or plain Ivory soap bars. People like you are so needed. Also, this video shows you the basic steps.Check out how to make a Needle Felted Pincushion using a Felted Dryer Ball and dyed wool locks. Whether you’re wet or needle felting, WEBS has the tools and supplies you’ll need to start your project off right. At Hobbii you can find felting yarn made of 100% wool and wool-alpaca yarn blends. If you’re going to make this a hobby or perhaps a side job, I highly recommend you get a Matchstick Blind to help you with the hard rolling back and forth of your pieces. Felting needles come in various sizes or gauges. Annette is a long time fiber artist and former alpaca farm owner. Felt can be made of natural fibers such as wool or animal fur, or from synthetic fibers such as petroleum-based acrylic or acrylonitrile or wood pulp-based rayon. Felting is the process of separating and relocking the fibers in yarn or wool. Foam or Mats are the base that you place under your project. The fiber has to be thoroughly felted and fulled to make sure the piece does not come apart.Cobweb is a good technique for scarves, shawls, wraps and wall hangings.How to Felt Wool with the Cobweb Felting Method. The larger the gauge number, the finer the needle. Honestly, I’ve tried a wide variety of soaps from solid to liquid, expensive and cheap soaps. Therefore whatever you knit first will be much smaller once it has been felted. When choosing yarn for a felting project, make sure the yarn is 100% wool. For felting we carry Ashford Corriedale. And that is how I was introduced to the Wonderful World of Wool Felting! Yarn Thickness : 5 Bulky: Chunky, Craft, Rug; Gauge : 12 stitches and 14 rows on 10 cm x 10 cm (4' x 4') Yarn Tags : Winter Yarn, Wool, 100% Wool, Bulky, Natural Yarn, Felt, Blue; Stock Quantity : 60 (15 lots) Felting Wool As you push the needles through the wool, they will stab into the felting mat. Thank you so much for the great tutorial, I was just wondering, you say at the end not to cut your felt, I want to use the felt to then make felt flowers, can I use this method to make a sheet of felt to then cut out the pieces I need for the flowers. WorkshopsWhen you are just starting out, YouTube videos and tutorials are a great place to learn how to felt, however they can’t compare to hands-on learning.Classes or Workshops are definitely the best (and most fun) way for you to learn. Creative Ways to Use Yarn Ends (Instead of Tossing Them Out), How to Soften Economical or Scratchy Yarn, Why You Need an Emergency Crochet Kit + How to Make One, The Difference Between Knitting and Crocheting & Master Your Tension. From shop Threadandyarncrafts. Thanks in advance for an tips aside from ripping it apart and trying to learn how to redo it. a easy compact disk sander. The wool is laid out in various thicknesses so that the final felt fabric has a lot of texture with thick and thin areas and even holes. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 22.00 – $ 55.95 22.00 – $ 55.95 You should be able to tell after the first washing if it will hold up or not, as you will either be able to see the individual fibers of the wool or it will be completely melded together. Spokane, WA 99205. Yarn Weight: Roving. When you apply hot water to a bunch of sheep wool, the barbs on the individual hairs open and attach to each other. This further shrinks and hardens the wool and creates a firm piece of felt that can be cut and sewn without raveling. Felting, in my words, is the process of producing felt, a textile or fabric that by combining and compressing the loose fibers or hair. All of them will work fine but there are some other considerations. Yarn felting does actually shrink your knitting. This wool is unspun and perfect for felting, needle felting, or spinning. Yes, I'm sure you could cut it if you make sure to felt it very thoroughly. It’s a bit more slippery to work with (especially when wet), but it will do the job. A little background: My love of wool and fiber began years ago when we acquired our first two alpacas, Godiva and Permanent Ink. Felting yarn can also be used for knitting and crochet, as well as of course felting. They tossed the bags of fleeces in the attic because nobody had any idea what to do with them. Sometimes, however, you need a yarn with certain qualities: you’re sensitive to wool, you want to make a felted project, you want something washable. Can I redo the felting process once piece is dry? Combining two strands of 5ply yarn opens up a huge range of colour possibilities - you can stick with one colour or you could combine two to create your own multi-colour yarn. Affiliate Advertisements: This site participates in various Affiliate Programs. Don't forget - your yarn should be at least 60% wool or animal fiber to felt well. You can download the Free PDF version of thisBeginner’s Guide to Felting right here. 4.5 out of 5 stars (60) 60 reviews $ 5.78. Lattice Wet Felting means just what is says – creating felt fabric with a lattice pattern. If you’re just starting out and want to save money, you can use a large sponge as a underlayment or mat. How much shrinkage occurs depends on the direction of the fibers and the amount of agitation and fulling. Just make sure to buy an unstained blind vs. a dyed or stained blind. Plus, if you are using soft water, Olive Oil Soap will be much easier to wash out of your felt fabric. This is something I learned about from my spinning classes, folks. This method can be used to make 3D felt objects such a bowls or cat caves and it can be used to give flat pieces some dimension and texture.Here is how to Make a Felt Bowl with the Resist Method. So stay away from the acrylic, yo! Generally, you felt over a mold or support of some kind such as a bowl for hats and vases. What did the sheep breeders do with their wool fleeces? I think the main difference is how much of the wool gets embedded in the mat and how well the mat holds up to the needles. You can make a sheet of felt consisting of felted wool fibers alone or you can needle felt on top of another piece of fabric.You can also make shaped felt pieces by using cookie cutters or other molds to shape your felt as you work.And you’re not limited to loose wool. The felt is incredibly soft, lighter than wool and has better insulating properties than sheeps’ wool. These are inexpensive and readily available at any big box or auto part store. Natural fibers can be felted when washed in hot water to create sturdy fabric for bags, hats, slippers and more. Felting is the process of tangling, or interlocking, wool fibers to form a permanent mesh structure. Yarns labelled "superwash wool" will not felt. Specialized Felting Mats come in a variety of sizes and materials from woolen to dense foam. The wool is from well cared for, pasture-fed, New Zealand sheep. They will not leave holes. These usually hold 1 gallon of water which is great when you are making a large shawl or wallhanging. The Fulling process creates a wrinkled effect. There are two basic ways of felt making: Wet and Dry. Felting Wool - All of the wool in this section are suitable for all felting techniques. Return to Homepage from Boiled Wool. Those are made with synthetic fibers and mass produced by some large machines. It makes a fabric that is dense, warm, and strong – perfect for bags or cold-weather items. Yarn Weight: Roving. I ordered two online for my daughters for Christmas and when I looked at them I couldn’t believe how they looked, already pilling and looked cheaply done. How to make Wool Dryer Balls – an eco friendly alternative to using dryer sheets or tennis balls to dry your laundry.Felted Soaps – a great project for beginners. For instance, I often combine the Nuno and Cobweb Techniques in my shawls to give them structure with the fabric but also make the shawls lightweight by thinning out the wool. Wool roving comes in many natural and dyed colors and is easy to work with. Only clean wool with a good fiber length, bulk and colour is selected. Try these easy felt projects too. The first method is a bit easier, especially for beginning feltmakers. Once the wool fibers are sufficiently interlocked so they don’t come apart, the Fulling stage begins. I am 74 and I learned a lifetime from you. Love you, I’ve seen some that only contain wool roving and instructions. You can, however, “trap” those plant fibers within wool for added texture or a pop of color. As I explained above, these are special needles which have barbs and notches along the sides to help grab the wool. During the nuno process, the wool fibers work their way through the fabric thereby interlocking and bonding the two materials. From … I never leave post, but I am so impressed with your site. Generally, you can count on your final piece being about 25 – 30% smaller by the time you are done felting. Natural wool roving is ideal for needle felting and traditional wet felting. There are two basic ways of felt making: Wet and Dry.Wet Felting is the process of using water, soap and some form of agitation to cause the fibers to open up and then bind together. If you’re just learning how to needle felt, you may want to get an all in one needle felting kit. Other than that, the only items you will need are a sturdy table, plastic table covers, some old towels and bits of nylon hose for tying your rolled matchstick blind. Cotton and Silk are plant fibers which are smooth and do not have scales. As an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases by linking to and affiliated sites. Wool Warehouse Felting Category - buy all of your felting products online today with FAST delivery! Over and over which causes the fibers to mat together.If you’re using a special mat or foam underneath your piece, you’ll have to lift your wool off the mat occasionally as the fibers will penetrate the mat.There are basically two different techniques: Flat and Three Dimensional Felting. Basically, the wool is arranged in perpendicular layers to make an interlocked piece of felt fabric. The basic felting process is the same regardless of the technique used. This is rolled back and forth a few hundred times to further felt the wool. The important thing here is that you want to be able to control how much water is applied at a time. The nozzle can be adjusted to control the flow of water.A great option for small pieces is a Bottle Cap Sprinkler which fits on water bottles as well as 2 liter soda bottles. To start, I knitted up a simple piece with 100% wool yarn. 4.3 out of 5 stars 266. This fiber art form has really become popular among crafters.I see a lot of wool animal sculptures, faces, gnomes, Santas, mushrooms, you name it. This simply means that if you click through an affiliate link and buy a product, we may get a small commission, at absolutely no extra cost to you. Rosenice 36 Colours Wool Roving Wool Knitting Yarn Fibre Wool for Needle Felting Hand Spinning. View All 16 Shades. There are scales along the shaft of the hair. A flat method which makes beautiful scarves, shawls and wraps. Since you are not relying on the scales of the protein fiber to interlock, synthetic wool can be used.However, animal fiber such as sheep wool may needle felt easier since the fibers are not a slick as a nylon fiber, for instance.Wool comes in many different forms from raw, unwashed wool to processed roving and yarn. Matchstick Blinds also give you the option of making larger pieces and they tend to last a long time. Unlike with wet techniques, the wool you use for needle felting does not necessarily have to be a protein aka animal fiber. This protects not only you, but also the needles which are somewhat delicate and break easily. Felting yarn refers to any type of yarn that works for the process of felting. As I mentioned previously, these needles are wicked sharp and therefore I also recommend that you use Finger Protectors. After you have used them too. 1 lb White Wool Roving,Wool Fiber, Wool Top, Spinning Wool, Felting Wool, Craft Wool, Wool Roving by the Pound, felting Wool, Chunky Yarn ShepsWool. Laying out the wool in a lattice pattern in the beginning. Therefore plant fibers will not adhere to each other or felt with this process. Yarn is good for embellishments and decorations but keep in mind that you may need to use heavier gauge needles.If you’re just starting out, you may find wool roving easier to work with than raw wool fiber. Hi Shelley! Finally, the piece is rolled up inside a matchstick blind, bubble wrap or a sisal mat. Work this very easy felted purse then try boiling it to size. If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a felting wool recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance. The swatch shown was knit in stockinette stitch and measures 4 inches in width and 5-1/4 inches in height before felting. The Knitty Gritty. Felting with alpaca yarn can be an extremely rewarding project. They’re available with fine or heavy tipped needles, so pay attention to your needle gauge. It’s appropriate for thick, sturdy pieces such as wallhangings, coats, purses and tote bags. Enjoy! I've got to try this soon!! Wool Roving, Extra Fine Soft Top Merino Wool 6-Pack Kit in Neutral Colors (150g-5.30 oz) with Storage Container for Needle Felting, Spinning Yarn, Weaving Fiber Filling Stuffing 5.0 out of 5 … So stay away from the acrylic, yo! Just as the name implies … this means making a flat piece of felt fabric. I don't think so, unless you felted it to itself, the fibers need the moisture and friction in order to fuse. Wool fiber or Protein aka animal fiber includes sheep wool, alpaca, mohair (goat), cat fur, dog, human hair … all of those are protein fibers. However, certain types of wool can be itchy and there are some people who might have an allergy to this kind of material. If it's not melded, I would try felting it again to see if the fibers grip onto one another better. This can be a super lightweight silk chiffon or a heavier muslin or even burlap depending on how heavy you want your finished piece to be. I honestly don’t know much about that process so in this article I will focus on working with natural fibers. Not only do you get one-on-one attention from the instructor, but you also get to meet wonderful people with the same interests.I recommend you check your local yarn shops and fiber festivals for workshop schedules. If or when you have a vintage motor sleeping in you could make There are several ways to felt wool, the most common being needle felting and wet felting. You can't use Superwash wool yarn. Needle Felting Work Surface Pillow from Bear Creek Felting. Those are the main Wet Felting Techniques which can also be combined to create various textures and effects. Wool Warehouse Felting Category - buy all of your felting products online today with FAST delivery! Hint: Make sure that the kit you choose also contains the needles. Fulling the felt fabric involves dropping and throwing it on a table. 100% Wool. , Wow - wish I had found this site earlier. 49 Unlike smooth fibers such as cotton and silk, wool is uniquely structured to allow for felting.

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