I had a blast in Mechanical Engineering, both on … Electrical engineering dates back to the late 19th century, and is one of the newer branches of engineering. Students must be prepared to understand and make calculations based on the underlying physics that govern electrical interactions. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether I should go into mechanical or electrical engineering. Because of that broad coverage of disciplines many schools are now offering degrees in robotics. There's a lot more to mechanical engineering than cars, and there is a lot more to electrical engineering than batteries and resistors. I feel like I want a mix of both. © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. Electrical engineering refers to electrical machinery, problems of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, electrical controls in factories, motors and their control and transformers. Answer Save. In fact, they do, in terms of the outcome being to apply science, math and engineering principles to solve real problems. From my experience, you will be doing mechanics in electrical engineering curriculum and electrical stuff in mechanical engineering curriculum but you will have to eventually decide on what you really want to focus on. If you follow aerospace developments, you might also know the name Elon Musk (of Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX), who is also studied physics, according to his Wikipedia biography. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering. InTenD2B. Skills I use for everyday things building robots came from each of these areas. This post will show you the key facts about each major and help you to decide which would be a better degree for you. While specialization is the norm, generalization allows you to understand more aspects of a robot at the fundamental level and vital for small development teams. Write about your opinion about which one is more defficult .on this topic please explain why it is defficult. In school, I studied electronics graduating to missile system in the Air Force and an electronics assembler for an aerospace company before eventually becoming a programmer. Robotics engineering is a subset of Mechatronics. Civil, electrical and mechanical engineering are three prominent career areas within the vast field of engineering. To work at a company like Neuralink, what is the best degree to attain ? You simply need to acknowledge it and work with it, intrigue will grow normally. Mechatronics encompasses many other topics not pertaining to robotics. Electrical engineering deals with the design of different types of electrical systems. which one requires more physics knowledge ? You definitely will need electronics skills and fabrication skills. What unites these folks is that they all like working on difficult problems, using their physics background to understand how materials behave, and evaluate failures based on physical possibility. For instance, if you are majoring in electrical engineering and you have a choice between power distribution and computer interfacing classes, take the computer interfacing class. Whats the difference? You will gain a wealth of information that will serve you well from the mistakes you make in the beginning, and we’ve all been there. Official Engineering 2021 Applicants' Thread! What kind of career would be perfect for a guy who wants to build robots in his future? Clare College Cambridge 2021 Applicants!!! In any case, the best approach to push forward with it is, failing to look back on different decisions, or thinking twice about it. 1.Electrical engineering is the design and study of electronics, power, and electrical systems while mechanical engineering is the design and study of power, energy, weapons systems, aircraft and transportation products, and other equipment. I don’t comprehend what I would have done in your place, I revealed to you what I did. I have an Electrical Engineering degree. Most major robotic systems are designed by specialists from all sorts of engineering backgrounds. Its a shame that the University of Illinois isn’t on that list. Glad we are out and about causing trouble =) May I ask what company you work for/what his duties include ? Most of the time, I think that a career that will suit me is electrical engineering, but it seems like robots is more mechanical engineering. I heard about it a year or two ago when a friend of mine went back to school and started studying it. I won’t explain all my reasoning now, but I would recommend electrical engineering based on all those factors. I was wondering when one of you waterloo folks would show up…  :) I’ve worked with a few of the students in the coop program and currently my coop is in the mechatronics program. The Russell Group hurt/heal game (Part 4), Official Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 2021 applicant thread. Agricultural engineers are tasked with combining elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and civil engineering in an effort to achieve agricultural–that is, farming and food production–goals. EE and Mechanical have a critical cover went it comes to engines and rigging boxes at any rate. 2 Answers. It’s considered the largest branch of the engineering fields. big, small, whatever. One of its objectives is to provide electrical power to customers. Prospective students searching for Chemical Engineer vs. Electrical Engineer found the following related articles and links useful. While pay for most engineers is well above the national average, electrical engineers generally earn the highest average income. Once you master the mathematics of physics, there are many ways to apply it to engineering and test design (test design is where you figure out how to test something expensive and possibly fragile, before it is operational). If you have a broad experience with hardware, software, electronics, sensor systems, and materials science, in addition to your chosen specialty, you’ll do very well no matter what your major is. Mechanical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering The Job Role Of Mechanical Engineers The basic role and responsibility of mechanical engineers are to make sure that they properly research, design, develop, build, and test the different mechanical aspects of the devices and sensors. Mechanical engineering is concerned with creative and imaginative use of engineering principles and science to shape the world around us, through the development of new materials, technologies, processes and products. If I were you I wouldn’t limit my options to robotics this early on. Mechanical Engineering vs Electrical Engineering Major If you are deciding between majoring in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, you might want to know more about what each major has to offer. Dyson Institute for Engineering, How good is it? So Mechanical engineering vs Electrical engineering – the debate goes on. Of course it also depends of the school you choose and the quality of the teaching there. From what I’ve heard it’s pretty cool. Also, robotics as a profession is pretty varied. Chemical engineering 2021 applicants thread. Electrical engineers examine issues related to electronics, control systems, signal processing, and telecommunications. My dad owned a garage. Hope this helps. motors, hybrid vehicles, … That’s mechatronics because designing such a system involves mechanical, electrical, computer components ect. Software is a MUCH larger part of most robots than either electrical/electronic or mechanical. robotics engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. My interests took me to a Physics major. Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 4 engineering disciplines and I want to do them all arghhhhhh!!!!! No matter what degree you pursue you can tailor some of your class choices to robotics. Will civil engineering be too hard for me? Do that, but also keep in mind that two classes in C++ is a long way from developing 100,000 lines of robot code. I love taking apart electronics and seeing what they are made of on the inside. There probably isn’t any single answer to your question, but I can offer some guidance. A physics major can also take you pretty far. We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. MEchanical engineering vs Electrical Engineering ? There were no options for mechatronics or robotics when I went to school. The field of electronics was born with the invention of the thermionic valve diode vacuum tube in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming, and was the foundation of all electronics, including radios, television and radar, until the mid-20th century. Say you have a doctorate in electrical engineering, but you decide that you want to become a electrician. Am doing computer engineering,it doesnt mean that i cant make robots. Normal to be really tired in first year uni. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Software gets constantly upgraded for that same hardware. B.Tech Mechanical vs Electrical - Best Option after Class 12th. What does a mechanical engineer do vs electrical engineering? Electricians, Electro-mechanical Technicians, Aerospace Engineers, Computer Hardware Engineers: Electrical Engineering as a Career. Because of that broad coverage of disciplines many schools are now offering degrees in robotics. However no robotics. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 324,600 electrical engineers were employed in the United States in 2016. First, robotics is a mix of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science, physics, and increasingly artificial intelligence (which somewhat fits into computer science.) (Chemical Engineering). I ended up making Mechanical Engineering (UW Co-op) my first choice, followed by Computer Science (a math degree at UW). As an electrical engineer major you will almost certainly take a few programming courses, and as a mechanical engineer you may as well, or at least have the opportunity. The median annual salary for mechanical engineers was $80,580 and civil engineers earned $79,340. Find your group chat here >>. http://robotics.nasa.gov/students/robo_u.php. Mechanical Engineering Degree vs Electrical Engineering: What they are? Mechanical is significantly more about CAD demonstrating, that my college didn’t train us CAD displaying, and I wasn’t required either, atleast in my first occupation. Don’t wait til college! Just pick a good university, that has your desired courses (mechatronics, robotics or etc…) and you’re good to go. There is no real hard and fast rule but as a minimum I would go electronics Engineering with a software minor. My dream is to someday make robots and electronics. General Engineering vs Aeronautical Engineering, The Official Vacation Scheme Thread 2020/21, LOOKING FOR A GIRL TO KICK ME IN THE NUTS (18-20 years old) will pay, Durham University 2021 Applicants Chat Thread. Also, which one would be more likely to help you get a robotics job down the line if you don’t get one right away? I interviewed almost fifteen mechanical and electrical engineers before writing about this issue. PS – Make sure you study all the math and science you can: Calculus, trig, physics, chemistry, and all those STEM classes! And it also … P.S. Responsibilities of Electrical Engineers vs. I had the same problem, but after doing some research on the universities I found out about mechatronics, as the nuumio said, and even found few universities that offer Robotic courses. robots require both electronic and mechanical work…, so choose whats in your interest and you can learn electronics as well as mechanical work here on LMR itself, you can do a course in robotics along with your studies…. Mechanical engineering teaches you about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation, design, and manufacturing to understand mechanical systems. ; j. I have seen in my career that Electrical Engineers wind up in a startling variety of professions. They have some overlap in "controls", but usually that falls under electrical engineering. level 2 A lot of degree programs involve coursework in other areas where mechanical engineering is utilized quite often, like environmental science or business. - Not to befuddle you more, yet none of my batchmates are doing CAD displaying behind a work area. Some disciplines, like mechanical engineering and materials engineering, may sound like they have a lot in common. mechanical vs civil vs electrical vs chemical engineering Specific vs general engineering degree Not sure what to study at uni, Aerospace vs Mech Eng What I’m getting at is sort of what others here have said: Do what interests you, take many classes across a variety of technical disciplines, and keep working on hobbies. In my local environment, there’s a fellow who understands almost every system on a very complicated spacecraft, another who developed all the algorithms and writes a lot of code for the same project, my manager is an expert on long-wavelength sensors, and a customer has several physicists in key management roles. Tech is good in terms of career scope and job opportunities. Official imperial design engineering for 2021 thread, Official Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Applicants Thread 2021. I took his advice and signed up for Mechanical Engineering shadow day (which was an amazing experience) and I put Computer Engineering out of my head. Innovativeness means advancement in designing, which again says that on the off chance that you are imaginative, you will have abundant open doors for inventiveness in each field, none of these fields is immersed particularly with regards to innovation. January 2017 in Engineering Majors. It a mixture of “mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, control engineering, and systems design engineering”. If you take start in Physics, you have a good scientific and mathematical background that you can apply to understand cutting-edge materials and systems. There’s a huge difference between robots for laboratory automation or manufacturing, and the type of robotics work you see being done by Boston Dynamics or universities sponsored by DARPA. At the point when the season of applying in unversities came, I realized that I didn’t need CS (in spite of the fact that I wish I, would do well to pay and stuff! I don't have much programming experience, but I did take an introductory class and I'm not doing as well as i had thought, but I still think if I work hard enough I can so well in it! Too bad I didn’t know about it when I was choosing my studies after high school. Now he builds electric cars and spacecraft. Right now I am reading a book titled "Practical Electronics for Inventors". ), yet I was mistaken for what I needed, EE or ME, so I connected in EE in two colleges, and ME in other two and left it to risk. To enter any of these professions, you typically need a bachelor's degree specific to the field. how much is your personal statement actually worth? I’ll ask him about his thoughts on in and see if I can relay it here. I am a high school senior debating between these two majors. Applying to AAA unis with AAB predictions? First, robotics is a mix of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science, physics, and increasingly artificial intelligence (which somewhat fits into computer science.) Those who were mechanical engineers, they said mechanical engineering is better while those who are electrical engineers, they said that electrical engineering is better. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2013, and I was experiencing a similar problem in 2009. There are a lot of folks doing exciting work in engineering who started with physics. And there are internships, as well. You have the advantage of just starting out so you can tailor your education / experience to what employers want. It is a combination of mechanical, electronic, and software engineering. Most states do not simply have a technical proficiency exam to demonstrate one's subject knowledge, with perhaps a test to demonstrate a knowledge of codes, thus qualifying you as an electrician. As Electrical engineering is the bridge between computer science and mechanical engineering. I got in ME and over years I have understood that it was the correct one for me, or might be I essentially made harmony with myself imagining that I would not have delighted in EE that much. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE. UCL vs Edinburgh vs Manchester Engineering. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Which degree is more marketable? Welcome to robotics! Electrical engineering can branch off to bio medical engineering if you want to, Mechanical has to do with real world physics, while electrical deals with what their name implies. Mechanical engineering students are also required to have a basic knowledge of electrical engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering. Yet, amid indistinguishable time from I went ahead with my higher examinations I turned out to be exceptionally keen on parts that move. Calculations. Electrical Engineering Programs Teach Electrical Theory and Systems Design … Electrical engineering degree programs are heavy on math and science courses. Mechatronics VS Robotics VS Combination Employability? My dad is an Electrical Engineer, so I have dependably had an enthusiasm for EE, for the most part since I would sit with him and deal with little issue of wiring and stuff around the house, I saw him work in spite of the fact that I couldn’t make head or tail of his unpredictable circuits, it appeared to be exceptionally intriguing and I needed to discover that. Also consider what happens if you DON’T get that dream job in robotics, or at least not right away. And it also somewhat limits your scope – you can only fit so much into a four year education and there are only so many robotics jobs out there. Mechanical Engineering vs Electrical Engineering • Mechanical engineering is more concerned with machines, and their efficiency whereas electrical engineering is more concerned with electricity and power generation systems. UCL vs Southampton vs Bristol Mechanical Engineering. Relevance. One thing I recommend is to search the job market for robotics jobs. once and put out the door. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. One trap is, at whatever point you initially hear the news of your concede, on the off chance that you feel alleviated and glad, you settled on the correct decision, if there is some dread, it doesn’t mean you settled on the wrong decision, yet it implies you have not come to accept it totally, which can turn out badly to the point of losing all enthusiasm for the field at all, you will wind up one of thsoe individuals who continuosly revile their field. Perhaps other people can offer some more. (Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths university courses, Mechanical Engineering VS Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Vs. Civil Engineering, Product design engineering vs Mechanical engineering vs Electrical engineering, General Engineering vs Electrical Engineering, mechanical vs civil vs electrical vs chemical engineering, Not sure what to study at uni, Aerospace vs Mech Eng, Mechanical vs. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Offer. Exactly what each of those includes varies quite a bit, though. Exactly what each of those includes varies quite a bit, though. All the Engineering fields are pretty intense; I agree with Revenant about taking your time. Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, software engineering. I am doing a Mechatronics Degree at the University of Waterloo (one of the better engineering schools in Canada). So it seems that you can have both, mechanical and electronic engineering in your future studies. For example for my internship I help to build mobile hospitals. Nope! With so many different engineering disciplines out there, it can be hard to decide which engineering degree is right for you. anyother details would help. Hello, I am a highschool student who is a bit lost on the future. Although I think there weren’t any schools teaching mechatronics in Finland back then. They seem somewhat similar. Mechanical Engineers Electrical and mechanical engineers use computer design software to produce design plans for new products. There are a few universities that have good robotics programs; MIT, Carnegie Melon, Stanford, Cal-tech all come to mind. i wish i knew it before entering computer engineering…, I was reading up on mechatronics and robotics engineering and I see that, mechatronics: Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering, and Systems Design engineering. Many schools have robotics classes, clubs, groups, research projects, etc. Another example, a plane setting down: Mechanical, ensuring the tires have the correct pressure for departure and landing, and other physical things around. Robots cross over a wide number of disciplines. Tell us a little about yourself to get started. I meant to talk to him more but it’s been a busy term and well, this is the final week he’s here…  :/. Perhaps more important than the degree itself is the focus of what you do in school as well as any experience you manage to get. It’s a pretty wide field, and the coursework will give you a good basis for a large variety of professions. I grew up as an auto mechanic. thx. All in all, both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering stream in B. I heard that it’s a great engineering school. It also tends to pay better! Hardware, whether mechanical or electronic, gets designed (hopefully!) If you can understand the underlying mechanics and electronics, you will have more luck with programming since you will understand the limitations of the hardware you are playing with. However, the choice of candidates to go for a specific stream after completing 12th depends upon the interest of the student and their career goals. If possible, attend classes of the course you want before registering for it. That’s where serious professional robotics and automation are likely to be done. Just the names. I was accepted to Mechanical Engineering and off I went. Favorite Answer. My point is, Engineering is critical thinking, there are issues in each field so in the event that you like to take care of issue, you could never be exhausted in Engineering. But in general, an EE (electrical engineering) degree with a strong emphasis on embedded systems and programming will probably be most flexible and most likely to get you the job you want. 1 decade ago. What would the main differences be between mechatronics and robotics engineering? There are3 a great number of skills that can be involved. Having said that, consider a few things. Hello plkdrmmr, As both are the good and most demanding branches among students, also students should choose the one as per their interest and potential. Lancaster or Loughborough for chemical engineering ? You almost certainly need to program if nothing more than to have an idea about what you can do with the hardware. I’d say (atleast from my understanding) there is almost none. At about the same time, IEEE and the Society for Manufacturing Engineers jointly developed an exam for graduating electrical engineering technologists in those states that barred ET students from the Fundamentals exam, but few colleges have taken advantage of its availability. Never imagining that what might have occurred in the event that you would have taken the other decision. My personal opinion is that EE can give you more opportunities to work with a wider variety of systems, some of which are mechanical and electrical (ie. However, if you really have a passion for it, look at schools that not only have good undergraduate degree programs, but also strong R&D labs and graduate degrees that interest you. You can personalise what you see on TSR. UMath101 43 replies 20 threads Junior Member. Is turnitin reliable for coding/programming assignments? What does a mechanical engineer do vs electrical engineering? We've got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and … Find out what employers are asking for in job candidates. http://robotics.nasa.gov/students/robo_u.php lists USA universities that teach robotics. Indeed, the highest 10% of mechanical engineers made a wage of $136,550 in 2018, while electrical engineers earned $162,200 (Bureau of Labor Stastistics, 2018) Exactly how much you can make in mechanical engineering vs. electric engineering is largely a function of your level of academic experience and how long you’ve been in this line of work. It’s a great hobby as well as career. In high school, I enjoyed both Mechanics and E&M very much so its really tough for me to decide which of the two engineering fields I'll like more. It depends a lot, I entered this course last year, I was very disappointed, it was very slow, and the stuff we did was really basic, like really basic, I got frustrated and left. Me neither. Biomedical Engineering Interview at Imperial College London, No - I plan on travelling outside these dates, No - I'm staying at my term time address over Christmas, Unit 4 Enquiries into Health and social care research, Applying to uni? Much of the work of an agricultural engineer involves using and optimizing machinery and various types of farming tools and equipment. Buid robots. You might want to check out mechatronics as well.

mechanical engineering vs electrical engineering

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