The Nelsons were the owners of, and assigned their patents to, Vega. The name Vega® has been synonymous with fine quality-crafted banjos since 1889. to the download center. Serial number search Some documents containing personal data (e.g. A: Serial #91892 is the earliest collected banjo with the bolts through the rim. Vega resonator flange pieces and all internal hardware, serial number on inner shell wall matches the serial number on the dowel stick. Vega continued in business in the Nelson Family until March 15, 1970 when the name, equipment, and all the rights were sold to C.F. Vega Professional Tubaphone Openback Banjo, 1920s Pot 1960s Neck This is a Vega Professional Tubaphone openback banjo, with a neck from the 1960s and the pot from a 1923 Vega Tubaphone banjo, a conversion common in the 1960s. They split in 1890 and Fairbanks Style No 2. Free professional setup and free express shipping to most places. Pete had a homemade long neck that he originated in 1942 to … The last 4 digits are a neck number. The Vega Pete Seeger model 5-string banjo came into being during the early 1950s because of requests Vega received from players who wanted an extended neck banjo just like Pete Seeger was playing. 45803, with original case. Vega Fairbanks 6 String Banjo - $1200 Vega Fairbanks Little Wonder - serial # puts it between 1915 -1920. JC Fairbanks restarted the numbering at about 1, as did W.A. 1 This Regent may have been a custom order given the The Vega Vox model was a 4 string gem that featured a brass tone ring. We collect anonymous user statistics about the use of the website in order to continuously optimise it. Vega’s Tubaphone banjo has been praised by players as one of the finest sounding banjos for over a century. Log in to myVEGA to see all documents relating to your instrument. In the mid-1980s, The Deering Banjo Company purchased the Vega name and rights from Galaxy and brought this venerable banjo name back to the US and their Spring Valley, CA factory. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and cannot be deactivated. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Spare strings, and capo included. The bulge on the instrument's back side … The serial number is found on a white tag on the inside of the resonator or if you have an openback banjo, it is a smaller white tag on the inside of the rim. Some are technically necessary to be able to provide you with our services. Home / Shop / Banjo Cases / Vega Banjo Hard Case for Vega Custom Engraved Nameplate Add a personal touch to the nameplate on your case. Vega continued to mark their banjos "A.C. Fairbanks" until the middle teens. 2 Openback 5-String Banjo It's not every day one sees an original Vega 5-string from this era. **Very Rare** 1970's Vega Martin 'VIP Model' 5 String Resonator banjo with tone ring. ", Much of the information included in this article is the result of my own research, and therefore any errors are mine to claim. Vega, now owned by Deering Banjos, is one of the oldest American banjo brands, founded in 1881 in Boston, Massachusetts. "The Only Successors of Fairbanks & Cole. According to banjo historian Stu Cohen, checking the relevant catalogs, "The Vegaphone (a Tubaphone model with the 28 piece flange and resonator) was introduced in August, 1923. The old hardshell case is a 1908) with gryphon headstock inlay. These digits should match the 4 digits found on the back of the peghead of your banjo. Q: At what point did Vega go to "through the rim" bracket bolts on its WL and TPH banjos? The many scaled, fire breathing dragon's tail and claws are entwined around a bold Vega star amid vividly engraved in the classical tradition. Matching Serial Numbers on the Neck and Rim - # 93853 Internal Markings: "Soloist", "Vegaphone" , "MADE BY THE VEGA COMPANY BOSTON, MASS. KS Others help us to optimally adapt the content of our site to your requirements. The serial number on your Deering banjo will tell you when it was made and if the neck of your banjo matches the pot of your banjo. There is no evidence that Vega actually made banjos prior to buying out Fairbanks. Log in to myVEGA to see all documents relating to your instrument. In the 1960s, urban renewal in Boston forced Vega to move from the Columbus Avenue location where they had been from 1917 to c1961, to Leon Street in Boston, where they stayed until 1966. By 1930, the serial numbers were at about 95xxx. Your 83xxx serial number is consistent with the 1926 date. Bluegrass personified. Q: At what point did Vega go from ball end to open end bracket nuts? Thank you for your cooperation. During 1880-1890 Fairbanks joined with William A. Cole, a successful performer and teacher, and produced approximately 9000 banjos as Fairbanks & Cole. U.S.A" There is also 3 patent date markings but they are hard to read. Vega Old Time Wonder Banjo with a 12" Rim review by David Holt - Duration: 6:05. A: Roughly 1909 to 1913, the last serial number seen was 30441. Marketing cookies allow us to use target group-based online advertising. The patent for the 4 piece Vega Vox flange, with its trapezoidal shaped soundholes, was filed 03/21/1927 and issued to William Nelson on 03/12/1929. certificates) are only visible when you log in. My guess from looking at The manufacturing stamp changed from Fairbanks Banjo to The Vega Co. in 1923. BR A: The earliest one I have recorded with open end nuts is #87058. Best of luck with this fine banjo Please Scroll Down To See Long Series Of Photos. stayed at the 187 Tremont Street address where they had moved, and advertised his new company as "The Only Successors of Fairbanks & Cole.". serial number 81892 (1928 manufacture) Amazing toneNotes under resonator indicate A previous owner to be lowe Catello "banjo man" Berlin NH. Martin selected a long lasting nickel/steel alloy for its tonal qualities and smooth consistency making these strings ideal for all styles of banjo playing. Hooks? So... the original Fairbanks serial number series continued into the Vegas of the 1960s (above #100,xxx). Q: When did Vega (Fairbanks plate models) switch the Whyte Laydie models from a grooved/slotted stretcher band to a notched one? It seems to coincide roughly with the introduction of the Vox models, the earliest serial number of which I have recorded is 93828. Serial Number 42272. It was advertised as a vegaphone when I purchased it. Vega Dragon Star Banjo A dramatic dragon is exquisitely inlayed in mother of pearl and abalone shell in the peghead of the Vega Dragon Star. They moved to Needham Heights, where the owners were closer to home. However, I am grateful for having received (and continue to receive) help and support from Jim Bollman, Stu Cohen, George Gruhn and Stan Werbin plus too many readers to mention all of them here, but all of whom have contributed information that either added to or confirmed what we now know. certificates) are only visible when you log in. This has a 1502 serial number that I think puts this at around 1975. The 4 piece flange was introduced in August, 1928, along with the Vega Vox and the addition of Pearloid on the resonator wall." 49548, the pie plate resonator, with original case and tuning wrench. vega banjo - $1,500 (Lakes Region) Four string/short neck model. Not to be left out is another equally pretty Vega banjo the Vegaphone Professional tenor four sting banjo, serial number Manufacturers stamps Fairbanks made By Vega(1910- 1919) The Lot 1213, Estimate $400-600 Part of Skinner Fine Musical Instruments Online Auction 3490T ending Vega Tubaphone Style M Tenor Banjo, c. 1921, serial no. 1975 Martin-made Vega VIP Resonator Tenor Banjo A customer of mine brought this rare bird in for consignment the other day. Ferrule? A: There are a very few Fairbanks made banjos (several of them Regents) with pre-fire serial numbers circa 22900, stamped simply "Vega" in an oval border. For continuing serial numbers please refer to the Pickin' article. Vega offered banjos in many sizes, so it stands to reason the 28 flanges would predate the 4 pieces, since they could go on a greater variety of sizes. The resonator was hand-painted, and fancy engraved pearl inlays adorned the ebony fingerboard. A: Although there are no absolutes where Vega is concerned, several years of research have led me to these conclusions about when certain changes were made (see Fairbanks Research article for data): Q: Did Vega make any banjos before buying out Fairbanks? Owners father used to ride the rails playing during the depression. Serial number search Some documents containing personal data (e.g. You can find more information on this in our privacy policy. Q: What years was the flower pot headstock inlay available on the Tubaphone style 3, 5 string banjo? By clicking on "Accept all", you agree to the use of all cookies. Information added by Stan Werbin, "the individual flanges continued on several models (including sometimes on the Vegaphone Professional), gradually appearing only on lesser models, until they disappeared for good sometime in 1932. Martin, a respected guitar manufacturer, in Nazareth, PA. Martin made some banjos, and marketed import instruments, under the Vega brand name until March, 1979 when they sold the Vega rights to the Galaxy Trading Company, an Asian conglomerate. The years matched to the serial numbers are an educated approximation; they are accurate within a year or two, and even the dates of introduction of major improvements are based on ads, catalogs, and contemporary news releases. Fairbanks plate to F-V stamp to Vega stamp? A little bit of history The Style X N0.9 with its elegant workmanship, beautiful appearance and amazing tone quality put this short scale tenor banjo in the hands of the top musicians of the roaring 20’s. Cole. Welcome to Banjo Haven! Up for auction- A rare Fairbanks Vega Whyte Laydie Banjo Extended Neck. Buy your Vega Original Vega Martin 'VIP Model' 5 String Resonator Banjo with Hard Case - Very rare from Eagle Music Shop and receive our premier workshop setup at no extra cost. Between 1903 and 1914 Vega made some S.S. Stewart banjos. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at The highly ornate Vega Vox IV banjo with serial number #1969 was the final officially documented banjo manufactured by C. F. Martin in Nazareth, PA., circa 1978-79. A Vega ‘’Vegaphone Deluxe’’ banjo (1931) is exhibited in a case of Jazz Age banjos at the American Banjo Museum. DL Highlight multiple downloads to conveniently load these as Zip file. Neck has slight relief but with good frets and is very playable. Vega designed the Tubaphone to be the ultimate classical banjo but it works very well for old-time music, and, in its four-string configurations, … For a listing of instrument models and a discussion of some of Fairbanks' and Vega's products, visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article and the web sites listed at the end of this article. Select several products to compare with each other. But it has a typical Vega engraved pearl star in peg head with the word "Vega" engraved in the star. The number will be 6-12 digits long depending on what year it was made. MIH. The Fairbanks serial number sequence was also continued, when they re-branded the banjos "Vega" around 1920. The Vega III or Vegavox is expected to sell for £1,000 -1500 in our 24 th October Musical Instrument auction. Most "Vega" 5-strings of this time are reproduction necks mated to tenor-banjo rims bearing the same, coveted, Whyte Laydie ring. The years matched to the serial numbers are an educated approximation; they are accurate within a year or two, and even the dates of introduction of major improvements are based on ads, catalogs, and contemporary news releases. Deering Banjo Company 26,469 views 6:05 Restringing Your Classical Guitar - Duration: 7:34. I have a Vega guitar with a serial number that would date it at 1919 according to the information above. Some documents containing personal data (e.g. ", Photos of Fairbanks, Vega & Other Banjo Tone Rings, Fairbanks & Vega History, With Emphasis On Tenors, Fairbanks Research Project, Identifying & Dating. this 2” strap has an outer stitch that adds vintage I was under the impression it was the 28 piece but according to the Tsumura red book it was the 4 piece. Log in to myVEGA to see all documents relating to your instrument. Rims? Fingerboards? A: There are several errors in the otherwise excellent Tsumura Red Book. Lot 1212, Estimate $250-350 Part of Skinner Fine Musical Instruments Online Auction 3490T ending Thursday, November 19 at 7pm EST. 1920 Vega Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. Vega 1920s Style M 17 Fret High End Tenor Banjo wi Vega 1920s Style M 17 Fret High End Tenor Banjo comes complete with hard case,which will fit banjo with resonator fitted. Input your 8 digit instrument serial number for manuals, certificates and information relating to your device. You can choose which cookies you want to accept by clicking on "Adjust settings". I specialize in banjo repairs, banjo restorations, and banjo consignments of vintage 4 string,5 string,6 string,8 string banjo, banjo guitar,banjo mandolin, etc. All Vegas from the Galaxy period are imported. To use the chart below, find the serial number closest to yours and interpolate between the listed numbers to get a best approximation. Payment Huge Vega banjo selection in-stock! The A.C. Fairbanks Company (incorporated 1875) was succeeded in 1903 by the Vega Company (established 1889). Between 1903 and 1914 Vega made some S.S. Stewart banjos. From 1890 to 1914 Fairbanks (later Vega) made Fred Bacon banjos. The patent for the individual flange plates was filed 10/30/1923 and issued to Carl Nelson 08/11/1925. Q: Which flanges came first on Vega banjos, was it the 4 piece or the 28 piece? Attention Webmasters: You are welcome to link to this page from your website, crediting the source, but you may not copy it or any part of it, and post it at your site. Vega Tubaphone Style M Tenor Banjo, c. 1920, serial no. Deering's largest dealer. 1986 Stelling Long-flower Custom Banjo Serial number#3043 with a 2 or 3 Only one of the two long neck banjos by geoff stelling ever made.One owner instrument.... more extra long neck with resonator Made 2/28/1986 Long-flower (long neck sunflower) new plastic coated head installed after pictures taken Banjo strap. 678-488-BANJO Vega Tone and Sound There are many Vegas banjos to choose from and explore below. They weren't there for long before selling to Martin. certificates) are only visible when you log in. It’s in great condition for being 100 years old. For an in depth discussion about important dating information visit the Fairbanks Research article. Paramount Banjo – Serial Numbers A.C. Fairbanks Banjo – Serial Numbers Fairbanks and Cole – Serial Numbers A.C. Fairbanks / Vega – Serial Numbers S.S. Stewart Banjo – Serial Numbers Weymann Banjo – Serial Numbers Banjo historian, Jim Bollman, has documented a Fairbanks/Vega Regent tenor scale four-string banjo bearing serial number 24545 (ca. The serial numbers and dates are, however, at best approximate. Great deals on VEGA Vintage Banjos. Mike Holmes has done a superb job of tracking down the serial numbers of various transitions in the construction of Fairbanks and Vega banjos. The other digits in the serial number can tell you when your banjo was made. It just had a neck reset and a refret, so it’s good to go. Loved to play and played everywhere he went. We use cookies to continuously improve your experience at

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